Sunday, November 29, 2009

3rd and 4th of July Festivities

Happy Birthday America! Nothing quite like a good 4th of July parade and follow-up fireworks. We had a great time this year celebrating the 4th in Madison. We went to the Florham Park parade, had a couple BBQs with friends, played wiffle ball, participated in the first annual "Jan Dawson Home-Run Derby", and ended the night with a bang at the Junior High firework show. Good times were had by all.

Annual Father and Son camp out June 2009!

Nothing like the great outdoors. Mike loves to take the boys camping and show them all of his skills (I believe numchuck skills is one of them). They had a great camp this year with good weather. The boys look forward to all the night games that are played, especially "capture the flag". Hudson was excited to report that he had caught over 30 little frogs and had the pictures to prove it. He was devastated that Dad didn't let him bring a few of them home.