Sunday, December 16, 2007

The love of a Dachshund!

I was just dropping P off for a play date and just about ended up in the ER with H. As I went in to chat with the mom about details of the playdate H insisted on coming in with me. I gave in and agreed to take him in. As I was visiting with my friend H was giving their two Dachshunds (weiner dogs) some attention. One came up and was licking him on the face when out of no where it unleashed its furry on H. He got a quick snarl and a bite right on his lip. H being the tough kid that he is didn't cry but wouldn't take his hand off his bleeding lip. When we finally got a close look at it we both thought it was deep enough to warrant a couple stitches. I ended up taking him to my Dr. appt I conviently had that afternoon and asked my doctor if he thought he needed stitches. He thought that it could use one but that the truama of the stitches would be worse and that he would have a scar no matter what. He also said if it were his son he wouldn't do it. So we opted for no stitches and have been pounding on the neosporin. It is healing quite well but H probably won't be asking for a Dachshund for Christmas this year!

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Hawkins Family said...

Poor little guy! Weiner dogs are seriously so mean...I hate them. They're cute puppies, but other than that...bad dogs. Our neighbor here has one that is so mean to anyone outside of their family. And the West's back home just barks constantly!