Sunday, June 1, 2008

Six Stitches for H

I had my first trip (pretty good for 9 years worth of boys) to the ER last week. H was playing in the basement with P and I was putting the groceries away, when I heard a thud and crying. I knew it was H and I was not too alarmed because this is a regular occurrence in our house with three crazy boys. After a few moments I went to see what happened. H had hit his forehead on the back corner of our cheap IKEA couch that is basically wood covered with fabric. He was not bleeding bad but big drops were coming out and I could see all the tissue and it was split wide open, it was pretty gross. I got H stable and then finished putting the groceries away, got activities and snacks for P and H and took off for the ER. H was a trooper he got 6 stitches and he didn't even cry. He just winced and told the Dr that it hurt and to "stop it." He got them out this week and it is looking pretty good so far. We are hoping that it won't scar too bad, but we'll see.

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