Monday, October 15, 2007

Is it Halloween yet?

Look out Green Goblin! H is on the loose as Spiderman. No seriously, he eats, drinks and sleeps "Spiderman" now that he has made his big decision to be him for Halloween. Here are just a few shots of his every day routine of shooting his webs and saving the day.


Amanda said...

He is such a funny little man. I love the spidey poses. You blog looks so spooky!

Hawkins Family said...

Emily I am so impressed with your blog! You've inspired me to really get started on ours...but I know it won't compare with yours. You guys do such fun things and the boys all look so cute! I can't believe how big H is getting!

RichFamily said...

Hi Rich family! So, I just found out you guys have a blog. Fun. You'll have to check out ours! We were sad to hear your not coming home for Christmas. Hopefully we'll see you soon. Happy Halloween!