Sunday, October 3, 2010

G&G Rich come to visit

It is always fun when G&G Rich come to visit! Although Grandpa came primarily for the Four Aces (one of his favorite bands) concert in Somerset, NJ, we like to think they had even more fun with the following activities of going to Spring Lake on the Jersey Shore, Braxton's B-day party and the CAS carnival.

Braxton's 11th B-day party celebration. For dinner, he requested his favorite - Steak, fries and salad.

Now for the gifts. Braxton's favorite gift was his Flip video from "Aunt Heather":) Mike got Braxton a flip video off of Craig's List and we had to meet a lady on the NJ Turnpike to get it. When Braxton asked who it was, we told him it was Aunt Heather to hide he fact that we were getting him a Flip.

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