Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Annual Pine Ave Block Party!!!

Every year in September our neighborhood has their annual Block Party. The boys look forward to it every year and we do too. It is always so much fun. They baracade the ends of the street and we light up the grills at 1pm. There is always great food and tons of it. The kids play all through the street on their bikes, scooters, you name it. Then they have the water balloon toss and which ever team wins gets into the block party for free the next year. Then they have the group picture and then they light up the grills again at 6pm. The adults visit and the kids play Man Hunt. It goes into the wee hours of the night. Anyway here are some pics.

This is the boys taking their turn at the water balloon slingshot. They had over 400 water balloons so all the kids had plenty of turns. The picture of Port is right after one of his backfired on him he thought it was so funny.

Hudson and our next door neighbor Bella dancing to the music. I actually think it was "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses. Anyway it was cute.

This is just a couple of pics of the boys getting geared up to play "MAN HUNT" they love this game and the big kids are great to let the little ones play too. The boys look forward to it every year. Hudson even got in on it this year, he some how ended up with about 30 glow bracelets and he was pleased!

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Hawkins Family said...

That block party sounds way better than the lame ones our cul-de-sac did growing up. I always hated going to them because they were so lame. Way to go Pine Ave.!