Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Braxtini & Portini!

Back in June our ward had a "Ward Talent Night". They sent the sign-up sheet around in the primary for the kids. When I looked at it at the end, I saw that Braxton had signed up and his talent was MAGIC. I found this interesting just because I had never seen him do a magic trick before in his life. When I asked him about it after church he showed me a couple little tricks that I guess he had made up, they were cute but not quite big enough for the stage. So about a week before the Talent show I gave him an early b-day present that was a Magic Kit. It was the cutest thing to watch him do. He worked so hard on it that whole week up in his room. The cutest thing was when he asked Porter to be his assistant. Porter was so excited and they really had a good time and ended up doing a great job! I have a few video clips that I will add a little later.


Jill said...

Too cute~ Nathan signed up for our primary talent show and juggled 2 balls and did a dog impersonation, (he barked). So funny!

Maloney Fam said...

Finally!!! I have checked your blog a few times in the last few months and was starting to get worried! :) Glad to see you are all ok and things are going well!