Thursday, October 30, 2008

Central Park in October!

We thought it would be fun one Saturday to take the boys into the city to our favorite pizza place Totono's and go to Central Park. It was a gorgeous day and we realized that most of the times we take them into the city it is freezing for some reason. We hit Central Park first and spent some time at Turtle Pond, Belvidere's Castle, and the Reflection Pool. Then we headed to Totono's. We were sad to find that their oven was broken, so they were closed but we found pizza somewhere else, it was nowhere near as good but maybe next time. Then we ended the trip at Toy R Us in Time Square and ice cream. The boys loved it and they were so well behaved the whole day even with all the walking. Porter said right before bed that night, "Mom thanks so much for the best day ever!"

Turtle Pond right outside of Belvidere's Castle, we couldn't believe how many turtles were in there.

Belvidere's Castle in Central Park- The kids thought this castle was awesome. They couldn't get enough of it. They had so many question and were really interested in the history of it. Mike and I spent the night in the city back in June, and while we were there we jogged through Central Park and found this by accident, we knew the boys would love it.

The Reflecting Pool in Central Park

The Happiest place on earth Toys R Us in Time Square. The boys loved this part of course. Hudson could not get over the Giant T-Rex, he stared at it forever.

We got a family pic at Time Square at night because for some reason with all the million times we have been there we don't have one at night with the kids.

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